She is an original artist, having developed a personal technique in which the medium has become a substantial and characterizing part of her paintings. Nicoletta loves to paint natural scenes utilizing people, animals, flowers, and sea creatures (just to name a few) as subjects for her work. Her work often begins as a charcoal sketches with the hint of acrylic paint on wooden board. She then creates her final wonders by using an acrylic paste medium. It is often laid on with a trowel or spatula and in some cases includes the addition of natural elements such as sand and stone. Her work is varied and has developed in several different artistic, technical, and practical directions. Nicoletta is constantly searching for new material to incorporate into her work. She feels her medium is a substantial part of her paintings and may often be the most distinctive part of her work. Her discovery and utilization of resins has provided rich embellishment, deep depth of field , textural juxtaposition, and creative 3D overlays adding yet another style to her already individualistic repertoire. As you approach one of Nicoletta works, your gaze is lost in the infinite detail, the intertwining seemingly floating colors, and the three dimentionality of each element. You will get lost in a sea of creativtivty, wonder, and emotion.