Hamilton Aguiar was born in 1965 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. In 1987, he relocated to the United States to pursue his passion for art. During his many years of studying and working in art restoration, Aguiar began to explore various painting techniques.

His artwork has evolved over the years, as he is constantly experimenting and pushing himself to add new imagery and technique to his work. Aguiar combines the ancient art of gilding, metallic leafing and patina altering with acid and finishing with liquid resin that transcends all boundaries.

The stark, resin coated and strong tonal color of single or multiple stylistic trees brings minimalism to a new level of depth, energy and excitement. There is complete harmony and balance that flows through him onto his surface. His work is crisp, clear and bright, yet evokes an inner peace. These qualities are intrinsic in every image as Aguiar’s character comes through in his paintings.

The composition of Aguiar’s paintings is inspired by the changing seasons of natural landscapes, which are then interpreted in a powerfully monochromatic content. His seascape series captures the seascapes of Miami beaches by merging elements of sky and water together with a new resin technique that ends as the waves meets land. Hamilton's newest works reflect his interpretation of some of the masters of our time such as Andy Warhol and Donald Sultan.

Aguiar’s paintings have been acquired by numerous private collectors and represented by many prestigious galleries across North America. He has shown in exhibitions and art fairs in the United Kingdom, Germany, Korea and Canada.