Eric Waugh is one of today's most innovative, recognizable, and collected artists of fine art. Even after 20 successful years, Waugh continues to evolve and inspire. His new, highly stylized art captures urban vibes and country life, infusing both with warmth and whimsy. Waugh's explosive palette combines with textural effects in bold and graphic interpretations of a glowing future. His artistic themes explore romantic couples, lively animals, serene still lifes, vibrant landscapes, and other images that celebrate his passion for life's pleasures. 

Not content solely with studio painting, Waugh also takes his art to the people with painting performances. He creates original art live in front of audiences, letting music guide his brushstrokes. Waugh paints on stage beside diverse musical talents such as Tony Bennett and the Doobie Brothers at upscale locations from New York to San Francisco and from Montreal to Miami. His musically inspired artistry touches both art and music lovers alike. 

Compassion is an integral part of Waugh the artist. He is involved with a variety of charities, especially those related to children. He is also the Guinness Book of World Records holder for "Hero," the world's largest painting on canvas (41,400 square feet) by a single artist. Waugh created this to benefit the Starlight Children's Foundation and Camp Heartland in Minneapolis, a summer camp for children affected by HIV and AIDS. 

Waugh's artistic imagination has garnered him respect and appreciation from both corporate and private collectors worldwide, placing him at a level of distinguished prominence in today's art market. His new work is nothing less than exhilarating, inviting both the Waugh collector and new admirers into his world of infinite possibilities.