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Brian O'NeillBrian O’Neill’s work has been showcased in galleries across the U.S, Canada, Japan and England. He is a graduate of The Ani Art Academy apprenticeship program, where he studied under the guidance of acclaimed realism painter Anthony Waichulis. O’Neill has also found success in both realism and abstract painting. His dynamic and expressive Organic Abstraction work connects the living subject matter of his still life and figurative paintings, and expresses them in a bold and innovative manner.

O’Neill is a sought after instructor and teaches workshops and classes in his Rochester, NY studio in both representational and abstract work. His work has been included in three museum shows in the past four years, including the prestigious Naples Museum of Art, the Shreveport Museum of Art and the Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY. O’Neill has garnered numerous international awards and has been featured in many of today’s top art publications, such as The Artist’s Magazine and the Pastel Journal magazine.

“My responsibility as an artist is one that asks me to create not because I want to, but because I have to. I am driven to make work that is at the highest level possible, depict beauty as ...

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Aqua Reflections, Aqua Reflections

Aqua Reflections
24 x 24

Big Sky, Big Sky

Big Sky
72 x 36

Ensemble (SOLD), Ensemble (SOLD)

Ensemble (SOLD)
48 x 48

Golden Horizon, Golden Horizon

Golden Horizon
36 x 60

Jewel Twilight, Jewel Twilight

Jewel Twilight
36 x 72

Midnight Blue, Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue
60 x 72

Open Air (SOLD), Open Air (SOLD)

Open Air (SOLD)
36 x 60

Ovation I, Ovation I

Ovation I
48 x 24

Ovation II, Ovation II

Ovation II
48 x 24

Poppies and Pearls SOLD, Poppies and Pearls SOLD

Poppies and Pearls SOLD
36 x 36

Purple Surf, Purple Surf

Purple Surf
36 x 36

Queen Anne's March 2 (SOLD), Queen Anne's March 2 (SOLD)

Queen Anne's March 2 (SOLD)
10 x 8

Restful (SOLD), Restful (SOLD)

Restful (SOLD)
48 x 60

Shooting Star (SOLD), Shooting Star (SOLD)

Shooting Star (SOLD)
36 x 12

Silver Dusk SOLD, Silver Dusk SOLD

Silver Dusk SOLD
36 x 60

Silver Lake, Silver Lake

Silver Lake
36 x 48

Summer Ridge (641), Summer Ridge (641)

Summer Ridge (641)
30 x 40

Summer’s Long Goodbye, Summer’s Long Goodbye

Summer’s Long Goodbye
36 x 48

Tempest, Tempest

72 x 36

Turn To Me (SOLD), Turn To Me (SOLD)

Turn To Me (SOLD)
48 x 36

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